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New Patients

New Patient Packet
Complete the form and email it to us, fax it or print the form and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment along with a photo ID and insurance cards. 

Please see instructions on emailing & faxing forms at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at: 940-383-1770

All forms are in Adobe PDF format. To view and complete the PDF forms on your computer or device you will need free: Adobe Reader (click link to install)

Use this form if emailing back to us.
It uses a password and encryption.
Password: 940-383-1770 (with dashes, exactly as shown.)

Use this form if not emailing back to us.
Same form as the one above but does not use a password and is not encrypted to send over internet.

Emailing, Faxing & Password

To Fax the New Patient Packet to our HIPAA fax at: 833-992-0840.
The form can be completed on your computer by saving the form and opening & filling in the form with free Adobe Reader (or by hand) then print and fax.

To Email the New Patient Packet: Save the Password Protected PDF form below to your computer. Open & fill in the form with free Adobe Reader. Save the filled in form then attach it to an email and send it to:

The Password version uses our phone number as the password: 940-383-1770 (with dashes, exactly as shown). Using the password encrypts the form to be sent over the internet for added security and keeps the form secure on your computer.